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We know at the Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association that your safety and continuing education comes first. As a forest industry professional, your business will thrive if you know the correct techniques and business management plans to move forward and grown.


The Forest Industry Safety & Training Alliance offers you the training to bring you up-to-date on industry specifications which allows you to become more productive in the woods and allows you to bring your wood to the mill.

We also educate our future by holding Log-A-Load for Kids and offering elementary age educators free classroom material.




Educating Our Future

Log-A-Load for Kids

Log A Load For Kids is a nationwide campaign through which loggers and other forest industry professionals donate the value of a load of logs, or any amount they can, to help make hospital stays easier for children. Proceeds are donated to the Children's Miracle Network.

Through GLTPA, Log-A-Load charitable harvests is, first and foremost, an educational program that introduces children to forestry science, history and modern-day harvesting practices. The premise is simple: Experts in their fields – loggers, foresters, biologists, and teachers – are stationed throughout an area that has been designated for harvesting. Learn more about Log-A-Load For Kids®.

Learning About Leaves Coloring Book (from Purdue University)

GLTPA & FISTA Education Initiative

Into the Outdoors Classroom resources screen shot.

GLTPA and FISTA brings educators classroom materials, DVD's and video for classroom discussion on the importance of the forest industry to our communities. Learn more about the GLTPA and FISTA Education Initiative.












Careers In The Forest IndustryJohn Deere Forwarder

Is Working As A Logger For You?

Timber harvesting, the most basic forest management activity, is an important part of keeping both forests and the communities that depend on them healthy and sustainable. Skillful logging creates wildlife habitat and protects streams from erosion and landscapes from fire, while supporting our country’s seventh largest industry: forest product manufacturing. Read more about careers in the forest industry.

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