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Great Lakes TPA Magazine

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The Great Lakes TPA is a nationally read publication and has been recognized in the forest industry market for over 65 years. It is the official publication of the Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association (GLTPA) and serves the Wisconsin and Michigan GLTPA membership with emphasis in the forest consumers and industry. The magazine provides education and information on the practice and promotion of sustainable forestry and seeks to instill a sense of pride and professionalism among manufacturers, operators, transporters, landowners and foresters

The Great Lakes TPA covers:

  • All segments of promoting the use of forest products.
  • Encouraging the wise management of all forest lands.
  • Initiating, supporting or opposing legislation in the best interests of the industry.
  • Keeping readers informed on wood utilization, markets, modern equipment and methods of manufacturing forest products.
  • Providing a means of communicating and exchanging information among members and other segments of the forest products industry.
  • Promoting the safe and efficient methods of operating, so as to maintain the physical and business health of the members and industry.

The Great Lakes TPA is a monthly, 72-page color publication, with a circulation of 2,500 and growing.

Great Lakes TPA Issues Include:

Great Lakes TPA Readers:

Great Lakes TPA is read by hard-working people of the forest products industry that include:

  • Lumber Companies
  • Paper Companies
  • Sawmills
  • Legislators
  • Veneer and Plywood Mills
  • Logging Operators
  • Woodworking Plants
  • Forest Products Transporters
  • State Conservation Depts
  • State and County Forestry Depts.
  • U.S. Forest Experimental Stations
  • Wood  Products Industry Services
  • Private Forest Woodlands
  • Forestry Colleges
  • Office, Libraries, Department Heads and Faculty
  • Construction & Implement Manufactures
  • Owners of Large & Small Woodlands
  • Industrial Machinery Manufacturers and  Distributors
  • Foresters and Natural Resource Professionals
  • Associations
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Truckers
  • Affiliated  Businesses serving the forest products industry

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