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As I write this article in the 3rd week of May, road restrictions have been lifted in Lower Michigan and Wisconsin while some northern UP counties still have restrictions in place. The rain, however, just keeps coming over the entire Great Lakes Region.  Even so, from an equipment dealer’s perspective, business appears to be picking up over the last month or so.  Some of the increased activity can be attributed to the new markets developing with Arauco in Grayling MI and the plant expansions that Weyerhauser and Biewer Lumber have invested into their Michigan facilities that will ultimately impact both states.  Some increased activity is also being driven by aged logging equipment that needs to be replaced before major repairs start.  Even though logging equipment and related support sales have been sluggish at best for the last few years, your Michigan and Wisconsin equipment dealers and parts suppliers have continued to support our industry with both their time and financial support.  

At the risk of missing someone, I’m not going to specifically mention names,  but rest assured that your continued support of The Great Lakes Heavy Equipment Expo, Log A Load for Kids and SFI/SFE training plays a major part in what the GLTPA accomplishes on a Local, State and National level.  The GL Heavy Equipment Expo (Logging Congress) is mostly funded by our exhibitors which in turn significantly impacts the GLTPA’s annual budget.  Because of the generous donations of equipment and time, the EXPO is very successful and furthers the cause of “Protecting a Multiple Use Resource for Future Generations” which is what the GLTPA is all about.

In addition, labor and equipment supplied by loggers and equipment dealers to Log A Load has enabled these events to surpass the 1 million dollar mark in donations to local children’s hospitals.  Several dealers have also participated in SFI/SFE training with Facility use, training courses and instructors.  I would personally like to thank all who participate with the above mentioned.  It is because of your industry commitment that the GLTPA is able play the role it does in the forest products industry.


Best Regards,

Bruce “Sparky” Enstrom



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