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I would like to thank all of the sponsors, vendors, staff, volunteers and people who attended the Great Lakes Logging and Heavy Equipment Expo in September.  The event was a huge success and could not have been without all of you!  


As I am writing this month’s article, I am less than a week away from one of my annual big game archery hunts.  This is a true passion of mine that I start preparing for about 4 months in advance.  Working in the outdoors and the independence of my career has been a great positive benefit that many people would love to have.  I do not have to tell many of you in the forest products industry that our occupation has its share of challenges due to weather, markets and volatile fluctuations in expenses.  The start of fall will be upon us soon and then comes the cold weather. 

I thought I would spend a little time on some current events at this moment in time.  Hurricane Ida made landfall around August 29th in the State of Louisiana which caused tremendous damage and flooding.  The effects of Ida stretched all the way to New York and New Jersey causing extensive rainfall and flooding.  The Dixie forest fire in California which started July 14th has burned over 900,000 acres and at this time has not yet been contained. 

It did not take long for our politicians to try and capitalize on the events.  New York Senator Chuck Shumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi held a press conference and urged the passage of the 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill.  They said that climate change is getting worse and causing more damage than ever.  A predictable response, never letting a crisis go to waste.  Did you know that the first recorded hurricane in New Orleans, Louisiana happened in 1726?  Correct me if I am wrong but I do not think there were very many fossil fuels and a lot causing climate change back then.  President Biden was in New Jersey recently visiting the flood damaged areas.  He was also encouraging the passage of his Build Back Better bill.  He actually said if congress passed this bill, it would keep the flooding events like what happened in New York and New Jersey from happening again.  Wow!  That sounds like quite a piece of Legislation!  This legislation, the Biden Administration, along with the Democratic Party is nothing more than a big green power grab.  By using the climate change as the vehicle, this “Build Back Better” bill is full of the wish list of the most radical agenda and most expensive proposal in the history of our country.  This climate change hysteria is about getting power over Americans, not about science.  One definition of Freedom is “the maximum absence of coercion.”  I believe many leaders in our government would like just the opposite. 

Until next month

Matt Jensen



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