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Well deer season for Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin are upon us and winter is just around the corner. As we enter the fourth quarter of 2022, inflation is not subsiding as the United States economic numbers continue to be unfavorable, yet the Biden Economic Team continues to tout the low unemployment rate. They fail to tell the full story though, that the artificially low rate is due to the low 60% labor participation rate.

The Fed continues to raise interest rates to mitigate inflation, but this has not worked so far. A recent Bloomberg report stated there’s a 100% chance of a recession in the next year. The definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative growth. I have news for you, we are in a recession! Both President Biden and Vice President Harris recently stated we have zero percent inflation, and the media fails to question their remarks. Today’s mainstream media intentionally fails to question politicians when they mislead voters and fail to tell the truth.  This is especially true with political leaders and agendas the media wants to promote. How disgraceful.

In any country, especially the United States, the media is supposed to be the public’s watchdog. They are to report the truth and keep our government honest. In this highly partisan era, this is not happening. Polls are not asking participants for their opinion; they are shaping participants opinions with the way the questions are formed and asked. Daily, White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, deflects and denies any questions of accountability regarding the country’s current situation. High gas prices are the fault of Putin and the pandemic. I thought the pandemic was over.

Late in the year, President Biden went to Saudi Arabia and the Administration insisted the reason for the trip was not about oil, but about Middle East relations. It was later revealed the trip was to beg the Saudis to produce more oil to help keep gas prices low. OPEC Plus decided to cut oil production by two million barrels a day. It has also been revealed the Biden Administration asked the Saudis to wait on curtailing oil production until after the mid-term elections so it would not affect them politically. Wasn’t a previous President accused of and impeached for talking to a foreign government for political gain? Complete silence from the mainstream media on this current discovery.

When questioned about the southern border, White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, stated the border is secure and is not concerned with the fact that there is a total invasion with four million undocumented immigrants crossing the border since Biden become President.

When asked about the high rate of crime in America’s cities, Jean-Pierre claims crime is down, and that the Administration has increased funding for police. That could not be further from the truth and the national media allows these types of statements without push back or verification.

These are just a few examples of a media that has become increasingly political. When a fair and balanced accounting of news is not reported. It does not serve the public well.

Until Next Month,

Matt Jensen


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