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Well, another month has passed and the 75th Anniversary of Logging Congress is in the books.  After missing our organizations biggest fund raiser last year because of COVID 19 restrictions, GLTPA came back and put on a show worthy of a 75-year run.   


As a volunteer that donated a small amount of time to the show, we have people that volunteered a whole day or more to the success of the Expo.  It was great to see the dedication of GLTPA members giving of their time to make the best Expo every year. The next group to recognize is our GLTPA staff.  Where do I begin to give them their due?  It’s hard to describe unless you witness their dedication.  These are the people that everyone asks hundreds of questions as to where something is or who to talk to, all while being hosts and hostesses of the show.  I can’t say enough to thank them for their efforts.  It should show as testament to all GLTPA members that your membership dollars and resources are being utilized wisely by people that care greatly about our industry and its people. 

During the 75th Great Lakes Logging and Heavy Equipment Expo our Executive Director, Henry Schienebeck put together a face to face meeting with Wisconsin U.S. Congressman Tom Tiffany to discuss the current climate of our federal government.  He described the daunting task of trying to restrain the Biden Administrations efforts to pass and spend trillions of dollars to transform the United States into a very different country than we enjoy today.  I hope everyone is paying attention to your government.  It is imperative you stay informed and defend what you believe in from what your children are taught in school, what our economic policies look like and how our environmental and forest industry landscape will be shaped.  For the last few months, the Biden Administration had been pushing to confirm Tracy Stone-Manning as their new Bureau of Land Management Director.  On September 30th the controversial nominee was quietly confirmed by the U.S. Senate.  With all the disastrous policies the Biden Administration is trying to implement, an eco-terrorist was confirmed while no one was watching.  Stone-Manning was involved in a tree spiking incident in the 1980’s in Idaho’s Clear Water National Forest with the Earth First Environmentalists.  With her confirmation she will control logging, grazing, and drilling on 245 million acres of public land.  Stone-Manning will be a key part to President Biden’s goal of phasing out gas and oil drilling on federal lands. 

GLTPA was closely involved along with the American Loggers Council in opposing this nomination.  We also went as far as to suggest less controversial candidates to Wisconsin U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin and others.  But to no avail, our requests were ignored and voted in lock step with their party and the Biden Administration.  That leaves me with this question again.  Are our representatives actually acting in our best interests or are they acting in their own personal and party interests?

Until next month

Matt Jensen



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