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The Michigan Association of Timbermen is a non-profit trade association, representing the forest products industry of Michigan. Founded in 1972, MAT has provided effective representation of Michigan's forestry community, including those who grow, harvest and process forest products.

Michigan DNR

Michigan Department of Transportation

Michigan Forest Association Landowners, professionals and other interested people working to promote education and wise management and use of our forests.

The Michigan Forest Products Council (MFPC) is your voice in Michigan government and sustainable forest management. The MFPC was established in March of 2002 to promote and preserve Michigan's most precious renewable resource, and our globally competitive business. Working together, the MFPC is a unifying force representing the entire forest products industry value chain – from landowners to sawmills and lumber companies to manufacturers. All make sizable contributions to Michigan’s economic vitality.


American Loggers Council (ALC) is the only national organization solely dedicated to representing the independent contract logger on the national level. They have the combined forces of independent contractors and state and regional logging associations around the country to impact our industry positively and pro-actively by sharing the benefits of education and training opportunities, networking, research, promotion and legislative coordination.

American Tree Farm System (ATFS) is the largest and oldest sustainable family woodland system in America, internationally recognized, meeting strict third-party certification standards. For more than 70 years, ATFS has enhanced the quality of America’s woodlands by giving forest owners the tools they need to keep their forests healthy and productive. Stemming the loss of America’s woodlands is vital to our country’s clean water and air, wildlife habitat, recreational activities, and producing the jobs, wood and paper products we all need.

Forest Products Laboratory

Ruffed Grouse Society RGS members are mainly grouse and woodcock hunters who support national scientific conservation and management efforts to ensure the future of the species. The organization employs a team of wildlife biologists to work with private landowners, and government, including local, state and federal, land managers who are interested in improving their land for ruffed grouse, American woodcock and the other songbirds and wildlife that have similar requirements.

Trees For Tomorrow (TFT) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) natural resources specialty school nestled on over 30 forested acres in Eagle River, Wisconsin. TFT uses a combination of field and classroom studies to teach sustainable practices as well as demonstrate the benefits of contemporary resource management.

USDA Forest Service

Wisconsin Consulting Foresters (WCF) is a non-profit professional organization whose members are independent forestry consultants. They are committed to promoting forest resources through the implementation of sustainable forest management for the benefit of present and future generations.

The Wisconsin County Forest Association, Inc. was established to provide a forum for the consideration of problems, programs, and policies of the county forests. The association (abbreviated WCFA) is a non-profit organization which meets annually in November. Members are elected County Board officials who serve on their respective County Board Forestry Committees. Since its formation, the WCFA has provided an invaluable service to the 29 counties and the people of Wisconsin. In many issues of concern, volunteer counsel and leadership by dedicated WCFA members has enhanced the County Forests program. WCFA members also provide leadership on proposed legislation affecting forestry and forest land in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Wisconsin Master Logger Certification. The purpose of this program is not just to recognize a higher logging standard, but to also gain recognition and incentives for those efforts from both primary wood using industries and landowners. The Wisconsin Master Logger Certification program vision insists on a high quality of life for each member and their family through a financially thriving enterprise of harvesting timber. In return, each member ensures that the harvesting of timber is based on the highest ethical standards for generating a continuously improving, working forest in the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Natural Conservation Service

The Wisconsin Paper Council advocates for and represents its members in public affairs and public relations matters, serves as a center for the exchange of ideas, and disseminates news and information concerning the industry including proposed legislation and job opportunities. The Council also works to educate and inform the generations of tomorrow by providing educators with informational tools to aide in teaching Wisconsin’s children about the importance of paper and the paper-making process…thus preserving our legacy well into the future.

The Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational association for Wisconsin's private woodland owners. Since 1979, WWOA has been sharing our passion for sustainable private woodland management with fellow woodland owners. We work to bridge the gap between woodland owners and natural resource professionals to provide you with the resources you need.

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The Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association (GLTPA)

Provides proven leadership in the Lake States Forest products industry for over 70 years. GLTPA is a non-profit organization proud to represent members in Michigan and Wisconsin and is committed to leading Forest Products Industry in sustainable forest management.

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