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The Great Lakes TPA is a monthly, 72-page color publication, with a circulation of 2,500 and growing. The Great Lakes TPA is a nationally read publication and has been recognized in the forest industry market for over 70 years. It is the official publication of the Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association and serves the Wisconsin and Michigan GLTPA membership with emphasis in the forest consumers and products industry. The magazine provides education and information on the practice and promotion of sustainable forestry and seeks to instill a sense of pride and professionalism among manufacturers, operators, transporters, landowners and foresters.


We also have Great Lakes TPA subscriptions available for non-members. We offer a one-year subscription for $34 or a two-year subscription for $60 for U.S. residents. Please contact Mindy at or (715) 304-2861 for additional rates or to sign up today!


The Great Lakes TPA magazine accepts classified ads for used equipment, help wanted, and services offered. The cost is $25 per month for a 1" column ad or less and each additional inch is $15.00. The cost of an ad with a photo is $37 per month. GLTPA members receive one free classified ad for one month per calendar year. All ads must be submitted by the 10th of the month for the next publication, this includes changes or cancellations to existing ads.

For advertising opportunities please see our Media Kit and Insertion Order. If you have additional advertising questions, please contact Mindy at or (715) 304-2861.

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The Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association (GLTPA)

Provides proven leadership in the Lake States Forest products industry for over 70 years. GLTPA is a non-profit organization proud to represent members in Michigan and Wisconsin and is committed to leading Forest Products Industry in sustainable forest management.

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