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On December 3rd, 2019 GLTPA’s South Region headed up by board members Scott Koerner and Aaron Burmeister held their regional meeting at the River Rail Banquet Hall in Shiocton.  Prior to the meeting attendees where provided a tour at Shiocton Cut Stock Lumber which is located within a stone’s throw of the meeting place.

As we toured the mill it was very noticeable there were several ladies filling positions in the pallet lumber grading and piling area.  As the tour group watched the mill in operation, I couldn’t help but notice the cheery attitudes this group displayed.  Considering it was near the end of their shift, they worked without hesitation and were very happy to be where they were.  It was also impressive to witness how they handled with ease the high volume of boards coming through their station.  After speaking with the mills owner and commenting on what I was noticing, without hesitation he stated they had the best record of attendance, never complained and were very competent and accurate in performance of their work.

 The question is why aren’t more folks like these ladies in the forest industry?  Why are they so happy to have their jobs and what motivates them to have such great attitudes while they’re working?  It’s not rare to see one person with a great attitude but to see a group of five or six, is a bit uncommon.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying attitude is everything and it is.  I really wanted to interrupt their routine to ask a few questions but for some strange reason it seemed as though they were enjoying their work so much it would have been inappropriate to break the rhythm.  Curiosity may get the best of me and meeting with them may happen in the future.  Knowing their story and perspective could prove to be very helpful to others.

Moving into January I write this article while in Washington DC.  SFI Inc. is updating its certification standard and several loggers and logger representatives including logger and ALC President Shannon Jarvis from Missouri, logger Richard Schwab from Florida, logger Warren Suchovsky from Michigan, logger Jim Galsdorf from Oregon, Danny Dructor from ALC, and myself are in attendance. Ted Wright from Maine was in the conservation position and Ted has also done a great deal of work with the Master Logger program. It’s my understanding logger representation of this magnitude is not the norm at these meetings.  I think it’s fair to say a great deal of positive conversation took place and we’re grateful to have this opportunity to provide input to SFI’s certification program.  This is the first of three meetings until the revision is complete so more to come later in the year.

We’re looking forward to the 2020 Spring Logger Celebration which will be held in a new to GLTPA facility which is the KI Convention Center in the downtown Green Bay area.  The KI Convention Center is directly linked to the Hyatt Regency with an enclosed, over the street walkway between the parking ramp, hotel and convention center.  On a bit of an historical note when Jennie Baker, GLTPA’s event coordinator and I went to look at the facility we were greeted by Senior Events Manager Michael Jubert.  Once Michael, a longtime employee of the facility, found out GLTPA is the former MI/WI Timber Producers Association, stories started flowing as this venue hosted what used to be a very formal event which is now called the President’s Kickoff party for the Logging EXPO.  Michael commented several times about the fun he had working with Carl Theiler, George Brunette and others when it came to meeting the association budget for a prime rib dinner at the former Logging Congress banquet.  Michael was happy to know nothing has changed.  Jennie was paying attention to the conversation and did a great job negotiating to get the biggest bang for the buck!

We’re excited to have the KI Convention Center for several reasons.  First and foremost, 2020 exhibitors and attendees will no longer have to deal with inclement weather to view large equipment.  April is very unpredictable and having a facility like this provides a controlled climate for viewing modern technology without getting wet or freezing cold.  The indoor area will accommodate large equipment in the same area as the table vendors.  There is limit on large equipment space and after looking at the map it is nearly sold out so move fast if your company wants to display equipment.  Considering registration opened recently tabletop booths are selling very well also. 

The second plus is that registration is configured in a way that there will be no congestion making it easier for attendees to get signed in allowing more time to visit vendors and each other.

Along with getting continuing education, events like this are intended to give the forestry community a chance to network.  No matter the event, networking is one of the key principles for success in any industry or business.  It gives way to ideas which can often be used to promote the entire industry or one’s own business opportunities. 

The Hyatt is also in an area of town with many family-oriented adventures for those on Easter break looking for that spring thaw, cabin fever weekend getaway.  All in all, the Spring Logger Celebration facility and location have lots to offer and we hope to see you there.

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