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John Deere’s TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager Technology has had a Lasting Impact on how Business is Done in the Great Lakes Region and Beyond.

The technology has revolutionized how loggers plan, implement, and monitor their operations. The map-based production-planning and -tracking system has allowed contractors and operators to share real-time production and location information, helping take the guesswork out of decision-making. The programs are available on nearly all models of John Deere forestry equipment, including skidders, wheeled and tracked feller bunchers, wheeled and tracked harvesters, forwarders and swing machines.

Here's how the programs can benefit your business:

Remote Monitoring – In addition to TimberMatic Maps onboard the machine, contractors and supervisors can monitor live progress from anywhere at any time using TimberManager — a web-based solution for PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. Users can select a logging site and view harvesting, skidding, and forwarding progress immediately, along with more detailed information including machine production and efficiencies.
Live Production View — TimberMatic Maps show the precise GPS-based location, estimated volume, and up to two species of timber when manually counting stems with a feller buncher. Forwarder operators can immediately see where certain species are located and choose the optimal route to pick up and transport a load to the landing.

Real-Time Updates — TimberMatic Maps provide a new way of seeing the jobsite. Live production and location data is shared wirelessly among John Deere forestry machines via a wireless mobile network and real-time cloud connection. Operators can view all machine locations and the current logging situation in real time using the TimberMatic Maps display through the control system in the machine cab.

Precise Progress Tracking — As the job progresses, production data and logging routes are updated in real time on TimberMatic Maps, displaying the actual, up-to-the-minute status of the jobsite. Using the Areas of Interest and Points of Interest functions, operators and contractors can easily mark hazards, obstacles, soft ground, and challenging terrain, in the cab or on a tablet. These are shared in real time with all crew members, optimizing jobsite awareness and productivity.

• Simplified Mapping — TimberMatic Maps accommodates all common map formats, from simple hand-drawn maps to elaborate shapefiles or pdfs. Standard satellite or topographical imagery can be loaded directly through the JDLink™ cellular connection onboard the machine. Using TimberManager, owners can change map features and share updates via an online, cloud-based solution without having to visit each machine.

McCoy Construction & Forestry customer, Doug Anderson Logging, has found the mapping program has simplified its operations. The business uses software platforms on a processor and two forwarders.

“It’s really handy, especially for the terrain we cut, and it removes a lot of the guesswork,” said Dane Anderson, of the Calumet, Mich.-based business. “If a crib trailer shows up and needs a load of pulp, the operators can see right on the map where everything is at. Operators can identify and share the best skidding routes with each other, so no one is just blindly driving around. It’s just very efficient.”

John Deere first rolled out the TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager technology in 2018 with an understanding that customers needed access to real-time data to help increase production and profitability.

McCoy Construction & Forestry’s Jim Bell said the technology has proven to be beneficial.

“This allows operators to see their machine, as well as other JDLink-equipped machines, on the existing monitor,” he said. “It allows job managers to access machine and production data.”

Being able to track progress in real time is especially beneficial, as is the ability to see precise locations, volume and species of timber harvested. Additionally, the technology makes it easier to avoid hazards and rough terrain.

John Deere has been quick to adapt and respond to the needs of its customers with the TimberMatic and TimberManager programs. In 2020, John Deere expanded the programs to incorporate data collected from the Waratah H-16 Measuring System. With the change, the H-16 system can provide production data to the maps through the program’s in-cab monitor and then sync it to TimberManager. 

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