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UC Coatings has been recognized as the leader in wood protection products for over 50 years. The recent distribution agreement with Breeze Dried™ sticks will further solidify that, and be another added advantage for our customers, and their lumber.

U-C Coatings, LLC located in Buffalo, NY and Breeze Dried Inc. of Tillsonburg, ON proudly announce that U-C Coatings will be the exclusive authorized distributor of Breeze Dried™ lumber drying sticks in the US for less-than-truckload (“LTL”) quantity orders starting in 2023. Breeze Dried Inc. will continue to directly fulfill all full truckload sales to customers in the US, and all Canadian customers.

Adding Breeze Dried™ sticks to the U-C Coatings line of wood protection products gives U-C Coatings another great way to help their customers minimize drying defects and protect their lumber. Breeze Dried™ sticks will be a natural fit with the Anchorseal® and Shade-Dri® products.

President of Breeze Dried Inc. Mike Penner says “This partnership with U-C Coatings for LTL quantity orders of Breeze Dried™ sticks will improve service and distribution to our LTL Breeze Dried™ customers. It will also save on shipping costs for our customers. We look forward to increasing our products availability in the US; while reducing the landed cost per unit to our customers. We will continue to serve our long-term full truckload customers directly from our manufacturing facility. This will have zero change or impact on our large list of existing truck- load customers and allow Breeze Dried Inc. to concentrate its efforts on making sure lead times and inventories are advantageous for them.” 

U-C Coatings is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium wood protection products.   U-C Coatings products have been used in a variety of industries, including hardwood and softwood logging and lumber production, wood products manufacturing, woodworking and wood decking markets for more than 50 years. U-C Coatings manufactures Anchorseal, Gempaint, Log Savers, Flitch Savers, LogDawgs, as well as Britewood XL, and Sol-Brite E

Breeze Dried Inc. is based in Tillsonburg ON, and is the original creator of the patented, and very well received Breeze Dried™ unique profiled drying sticks.  Breeze Dried Inc. has been manufacturing and selling their lumber drying sticks worldwide since 1995. Designed to prevent sticker stain during the drying process, Breeze Dried™ sticks have effectively eliminated lumber degrade from stick shadow, also while improving yard safety and reducing drying costs for customers.

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