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Logging Expo 2022

The Great Lakes Regions Most Valued Industry Hits the Stage in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

By Mike Monte & Mindy Herman-Helf

On September 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2022, Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association held it’s 76th Annual Great Lakes Logging & Heavy Equipment Expo at the Resch Complex in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Why Green Bay and why a Logging Expo? The Logging Expo promotes what GLTPA members and supporters do best, “Enhancing Multiple-Use Forests for Future Generations”. The Expo is designed to showcase forest products used for daily like and how modern techniques are used int eh sustainable management of this magnificent renewable resource, our forests. Sustainable forest management goes hand in hand with creating wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, clean air, and clean water.

With the addition of the new Resch Expo, GLTPA’s exhibitors were afforded the perfect venue to showcase their products and services offered to a variety of attendees; including landowners who may need management services; professional loggers and truckers, and the novice firewood cutter.

It was great weather for the Logging Expo. The sun shined and the exhibitors and attendees didn't have to seek cover from raindrops. Those in attendance seemed to have a great time, and it was good to see and greet old acquaintances and meet some new ones as well.

The exhibitors were able to enjoy the huge space provided both indoor and outdoor at the Resch complex, and if had rained, they wouldn't have had to worry.

It would appear that attendance was up, and there was much to see and do at this year’s Expo.

Denny Olson was the Master of Ceremonies at the opening of Logging Expo 2022. He welcomed all of those attending the event held at the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Denny explained that at many events they hold a ribbon cutting to open the festivities. Because this is a Logging Expo, there would be a cutting of a log to open the show.

The log/ribbon cutting was performed by two U.S. Congressmen in attendance. Congressman Tom Tiffany would handle one end of an antique Mercury two-man chainsaw and Congressman Bruce Westerman from Arkansas the other. With Lambeau Field in the background, they performed their duty quite well. With that, the 2022 Logging Expo was officially opened!


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